Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beneifit for Babies

I have amazing friends!! Friday night my Business Group, Network CDA Sponsored a Benefit for the Babies at Sherman Square Park. A silent aucrion, bake sale, seated Massage & the Jr. Marimba band from a CDA school played wonderful Music. What a joy to see grade school kids playing this music that you could not stand still!! Children lined up to have their face painted & the whole band had wonderful colors as they all had their face painted while on break!! This was a truly supportive community event, raising $$'s to ship medical supplies to Haiti. I will be going down to Haiti June 8th for a month to work with International Midwives. Bumi Sehat Haiti. A dome tent has been set up as a Birth Center. A Midwifery School has also been set up to train Midwives so they can take over the center as it grows to support the community!! It is truly amazing to see what 1 person can do to make change.But it takes a village to make mountains move!! I want to thank everyone who made this possible, esp Dawn Wiksten.. she went above & beyond..With all of her beautiful Baskets that she donated!! My Heart Felt Thanks to all!!

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