Friday, June 18, 2010

1 week in Haiti so far

Fresh morning, long sleep without a baby last night. the water tanks are full, so showers are available, a real blessing!! Many babies to share between 4 Midwives at night. we are birthing with headlamps & a string a christmas lights. calm & quiet except for the music in the village , dogs barking & roosters crowing. New baby cries & a fullness within. This clinic is amazing & has created a whole new concept for gentle birthing for the Haitian women. a safe space for them & their families, where the process is allowed to happen!! Most of these women live is tents & are content to have a home at all. The stories they tell of the earthquake, the deaths of their families & loved ones, the tears they shed..but life goes heal & progress, to raise your children & do the best you can everyday..isnt that what we all do every day? We all have such a "sameness", we are alike & different. But we all feel, love our children & care for what is ours. Our needs to eat, sleep & to survive is the same!! The way we LOVE is the same!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Life..

What I love about Spring is that new life always comes forth..Birds nesting in the barn just hatched ,,babies chirping for their feed time. My mare just foaled..beautiful Buttermilk Buckskin colt!! So I am living in the barn right now just to bond with this little friendly, frisky, soft guy, who loves to snuggle & be with me!! Also had my last birth before I leave for Haiti, so all of my committments are finished. I am now free to leave to work with the women in Haiti at the birth center. We are now an official Midwifery school, so Haitian women will be learning the skills to take over the center when the time is right. I am overwhelmed with the last minute details that comes with leaving for a month & my hopes of recieving all of the medical supplies that will be going with me.. please get there!!!! Blessings to all of my friends that have supported me in my Haiti venue. Its not always easy to break from life, but the HEART always tells you what to do!!