Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Life..

What I love about Spring is that new life always comes forth..Birds nesting in the barn just hatched ,,babies chirping for their feed time. My mare just foaled..beautiful Buttermilk Buckskin colt!! So I am living in the barn right now just to bond with this little friendly, frisky, soft guy, who loves to snuggle & be with me!! Also had my last birth before I leave for Haiti, so all of my committments are finished. I am now free to leave to work with the women in Haiti at the birth center. We are now an official Midwifery school, so Haitian women will be learning the skills to take over the center when the time is right. I am overwhelmed with the last minute details that comes with leaving for a month & my hopes of recieving all of the medical supplies that will be going with me.. please get there!!!! Blessings to all of my friends that have supported me in my Haiti venue. Its not always easy to break from life, but the HEART always tells you what to do!!

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  1. Makaia, Congrats on the newest addition to your "family." I'm glad to hear that your are getting the loose ends wrapped up before your trip. We hope you have a save journey and that you'll be able to share your gift with the students and new moms in Haiti as well. Keep us posted on your travels.
    Much love, Jerry & Elizabeth