Friday, June 18, 2010

1 week in Haiti so far

Fresh morning, long sleep without a baby last night. the water tanks are full, so showers are available, a real blessing!! Many babies to share between 4 Midwives at night. we are birthing with headlamps & a string a christmas lights. calm & quiet except for the music in the village , dogs barking & roosters crowing. New baby cries & a fullness within. This clinic is amazing & has created a whole new concept for gentle birthing for the Haitian women. a safe space for them & their families, where the process is allowed to happen!! Most of these women live is tents & are content to have a home at all. The stories they tell of the earthquake, the deaths of their families & loved ones, the tears they shed..but life goes heal & progress, to raise your children & do the best you can everyday..isnt that what we all do every day? We all have such a "sameness", we are alike & different. But we all feel, love our children & care for what is ours. Our needs to eat, sleep & to survive is the same!! The way we LOVE is the same!!

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